"Curators and Creators of Great British Produce"

The destination for great British food and great British flavours. 

We passionately seek out great farming, great produce, great producers and great cooks to deliver food you can share or indulge in, whether at home or in one of our Cotswold destinations. 

We have values we’re happy to share

  • Create and serve food that satisfies, delights and nourishes our customers
  • Celebrate local and seasonal food
  • Provide the friendliest and most approachable service
  • Build relationships / partner with great producers who deliver the best possible products
  • Re-establish the link between where and who produces the food and the community that eats it

Visit Our Delicatessen and Café

Based in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, Hampers Food and Wine Co. is a delicatessen, café and gift hamper business. Bursting with a delicious and diverse range of the highest quality food and wine, Hampers sources the very best from the local region and British Isle's, accompanied by classic products from top producers around the world. Kick off your day with a hearty brunch, enjoy a freshly made seasonal salad or sandwich for your lunch, or treat yourself to one of our homemade cakes in the afternoon!