The Chicken Shed - Locally made organic chocolate

Guilt-free, beautiful chocolate 

Tucked away in a quiet Oxfordshire village, just 13 miles from Woodstock, lies an artisan chocolate factory where the smell of melting cacao and freshly ground spices infuses the air.

Turn the clock back to 2013: it’s nearly midnight, Easter is tomorrow and the Easter bunny urgently needs help coming up with refined sugar-free Easter eggs.  He’s come to the right place: Enrico, a chef from Italy who has been cooking since the age of 14 and Isabel, his Anglo-Belgian wife, have a passion for nourishing food combined with an exacting demand for the perfect balance of flavours and texture. They don their aprons and a few hours later, a little midnight magic has been created: beautiful, guilt-free chocolate.  The pair realise they are on to something. To hone their skills, they travel to Belgium to learn more about the art of chocolate-making and, not long after, The Chicken Shed is born. 

So, what makes Chicken Shed chocolate so special?  Well, all ingredients are organic and they don’t compromise on quality:  They use “the prince of cacao”, Peruvian Criollo, and combine it with fairly traded and sustainably harvested raw honey to sweeten their bars (honey has a much lower GI than sugar and is full of enzymes and antioxidants).  Their range of 9 chocolate bars is handmade locally on a big marble slab, and superfoods are used in each one; they just don’t compromise.  

But it doesn’t stop there: with an ethos of “good for you and good for the planet” their packaging is recyclable, fsc-certified and printed in the UK using vegetable-based inks, resulting in a low carbon footprint as well as supporting local/British. 

Chicken Shed chocolate is 100% organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, raw, and refined sugar-free..